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The True Edge-to-Edge Cure

With angled heating elements running the full length of the chamber, you can count on a true edge-to-edge cure.


The Never-Worry Belt

TruTrak™ ensures that your belt stays exactly where it needs to be. All the time, every time.

Forced Air

Plastisol, Water Based, DTG

Aeolus is perfect for any print you can produce. Plastisol, yup. Water based, yup. Direct-to-Garment, absolutely.

Multi-Zone Control

Control Your Cure

With two separate zones of heating elements you can achieve the perfect temp quick and let it dwell there.
Water Based

Aeolus | A Conveyor Dryer Worthy of the Gods.

Aeolus was designed with your shop in mind. 50 years of industry experience has led BBC to reach for the stars.  With the ability to cure plastisol, water based and direct-to-garment this dryer can do it all. BBC’s Edgemax™ technology gives you the highest quality, fastest cure and most consistent edge-to-edge temperatures.  All while avoiding downtime with TruTrak™, the most dependable, often imitated, belt tracking system on the planet.. maybe even the heavens.

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