The Dual Force® Series 7000 Pallet Shrink Wrap Oven by BBC Industries, Inc. is the industry's newest generation. Its patented electric infrared flat panel heaters are long lasting and maintenance free. The Series 7000 creates a superior unitized and protected load. Utilizing the efficiency of Black Body® infrared heaters, coupled with our chamber design, palletized loads are securely shrink-wrapped and ready for shipping or storage.

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  • Superior Load Stability While Eliminating Costly Banding and Secondary Operations
  • Six-sided Containment to Keep Dirt and Moisture Out
  • Up to 50 Pallets per Hour
  • Fully Electronic Operation – NO OPEN FLAME
  • Customizable Levels of Automation
  • Flexible and Modular Design for Stand-alone System or Integrate into Existing Conveyor System
  • Low Maintenance, Simple Operation, and Easy Installation
  • Customize Our Equipment to Your Product

All systems are manufactured and tested at our Pacific, Missouri, facility. No matter the construction, whether in a rolled roofing plant, concrete block facility or paper mill, the Dual Force® Series 7000 can efficiently and reliably secure your palletized loads!

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