Meet the Worlds Smallest, Most Affordable, Most Productive DTG Conveyor Dryer .

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Forced Air Conveyors by BBC Industries

Take control of your capability type with a BBC Forced Air Conveyors. Beyond handling Plastisol, the BBC Forced Air Conveyor dryers are perfect for Water-Based, Discharge, Digital-to-Garment or Pretreat. Dual digital controlled infrared heat zones and dry forced air work together to produce an optimal cure for your ink set. Not only can the BBC Forced Air Conveyors cure your ink but it sets the standard in the industry for productivity, thru put and efficiency relative to its size. Highly Efficient BBC infrared panels provide the most even and efficient heat distribution available on the market.

As the only electric infrared heat manufacture in the industry

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The Never-Worry Belt

TruTrak™ ensures that your belt stays exactly where it needs to be. All the time, every time.

Forced Air

Plastisol, Water Based, DTG

The BBC Forced Air Conveyor is perfect for any print you can produce. Plastisol, of course. Water based, yup. Direct-to-Garment, absolutely.

Multi-Zone Control

Control Your Cure

With two separate zones of heating elements you can achieve the perfect temp quick and let it dwell there.

Conveyor Extensions

Size Matters

Conveyor Extensions allow you to customize the “Infeed” and “Outfeed” of your oven to fit your needs and space requirements.

Water Evaporation

H2O Be Gone

The Forced Air Ovens from BBC are specially designed to remove the water from the flowing water-based ink sets: DTG , Pretreat, Discharge, Water-based Screen Print Inks
Water Based