ET Series Infrared Heater from BBC Industries
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ET Series

Thinner, Lighter, Hotter – the ET Series Infrared Heater

Using the same patented element design process and proven heater construction used on our existing BBC® family of heaters, our ET Series of Infrared Heaters reaches operating temperatures exceeding 1100°F faster than any heater in its class while maintaining BBC’s reputation for the most even heating surface on the market.

The ET Series can be used in any modular configuration with watt density and temperature capabilities tailored to your specific heating requirements. Easy to install with rear mounting studs or optional side brackets, the ET Series can be incorporated into a custom application, mounted individually, or used with other BBC heaters in a modular manner to create a specific heat profile.

Each ET Series heater is constructed with an embedded thermowell and face-mounting bracket, allowing for an optional thermocouple. Holding true to BBC’s standard of reliability, the ET Series contains no moving parts, no bulbs to replace, and no reflectors to clean, meaning this heater will provide years of maintenance-free use – and proving it worthy of the BBC name.

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Additional Information

Mount It Your Way

The ET Series Infrared Heater comes standard with 2” rear mounting studs and side brackets to fit into any application. Mounting studs are inset 2″ from each corner, and heaters with a dimension greater than 24″ include a set of centered mounting studs as well. Side brackets attach to the rear mounting studs when needed, and offer up to a 4″ variance in mounting height.

4″ Junction Box

The ET Series Infrared Heater comes equipped with 3 stainless steel terminals, each welded to the heating element for a long-lasting, heat-proof connection. The standard 4″ junction box provides ample room for connections to the terminals.

Optional Thermocouple

Each ET Series Infrared Heater is constructed with an embedded thermowell and face-mounting bracket. This allows for an optional thermocouple to be installed separately.

Optional High-Temp Wiring Assembly

3/4″ Flex Conduit, 24″ long with 6″ pigtail leads of 12 Gauge, 450°C MG wire and a 12 Gauge, 250°C ground wire terminated with nickel-plated high-temp ring terminals.

Models & Specifications

Model Volts Watts Watts @208v Amps Amps @208v
6-Inch Sections, Single Phase
ET1-0612-1200-120 120 1194 9.95
ET1-0618-1800-120 120 1784 14.87
ET1-0624-3000-120 120 2981 24.8
1-Foot Sections, Single Phase
ET1-1212-2700-120 120 2679 22.8
ET1-1218-3500-240 240 3459 2594 14.41 12.5
ET1-1224-5200-240 240 5157 3868 21.5 18.6
ET1-1236-6900-240 240 6918 5189 28.82 25.0
1-Foot Sections, Three Phase
ET3-1248-11300-480 480 11319 13.6
18-Inch Sections, Single Phase
ET1-1818-5800-240 240 5824 4368 24.27 21.0
ET1-1824-6800-240 240 6750 5063 28.1 24.3
18-Inch Sections, Three Phase
ET3-1824-8500-240 240 8478 6356 20.3 17.7
ET3-1824-9000-480 480 9042 10.9
ET3-1836-8800-240 240 8847 6635 21.2 18.5
ET3-1836-11400-240 240 11430 8573 27.4 23.8
ET3-1836-9200-480 480 9195 11.1
ET3-1836-11600-480 480 11640 14.0
2-Foot Sections, Three Phase
ET3-2424-10400-240 240 10407 7805 25.14 21.7
ET3-2424-10400-480 480 10395 12.5
ET3-2424-11000-480 480 10911 13.1
ET3-2436-8600-240 240 8571 6428 20.6 17.9
ET3-2436-10500-240 240 10548 7911 25.4 22.0
ET3-2436-9400-480 480 9378 11.3
ET3-2436-13000-480 480 12927 15.6