A combined infrared and pass-through air dryer, the Air Flash Dryer by BBC Industries, Inc. is ideal for flashing or curing water-based or plastisol inks. This powerful dryer uses forced air. Holes spaced evenly across the infrared heater face create a remarkably level spread of air. A blower in the rear of the dryer provides a steady stream of air through to the T-shirt.


  • Forced Air
    • Pushes away moisture given off by the ink, which can absorb some of the heat given off by regular flash units
    • Keeps the T-shirt slightly cooler, greatly reducing the possibility of scorching
  • Built-In Solid-State Heat Control (permits settings from 0-100%; does not control strength of air)
  • Magnetic Handle (can be placed anywhere on the Air Flash if running the dryer manually)
  • Can Be Purchased with Flash-A-Matic™  or can be Purchased Separately

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