So you know you need a flash dryer, but which type should you get?

Air Flash Air Flash dryers help a lot when you’re trying to flash dry water-based inks. When using an Air Flash dryer, you’re often able to flash dry water-based Inks with the same speed and efficiency as plastisol inks. In water-based inks, water is used as the vehicle used to distribute the color pigments. Once [...]

June 24, 2016|

Why Hot Yoga? Why Thermazone®?

Hot Yoga with infrared heat adds another dimension to fitness! According to research, since warm bodies are more flexible, Hot Yoga with infrared heat can be helpful in attaining greater range of movement in joints, muscles, and ligaments. Hot Yoga also enhances muscle endurance, reduces muscle stiffness, and decrease inflammation. Some additional benefits of Hot [...]

May 27, 2016|